Hi, I’m Jojo! I’m exceptional!

That's Ms. Jojo to you!

And I can’t believe Julie woke me up just to take my picture! Why can’t she just go bother Taz?

Little Navigator

Taz Z. Lassie

That would be me, Taz! And I’m exceptional, too! I don’t know what Jojo is talking about; she’s such a ham! I hate having my picture taken. I’d rather have a bath any day! (Not really.)
In September 2010, our lives were totally disrupted by the two humans we own. Instead of a nice cow pasture to run free in and our favorite people next door to visit, we are on a leash almost all the time we are not in that little box they now tell us is “Home.” They spend a lot of time writing on the computer about how much fun they’re having. Read our blog if you want the real poop!
Human Disclaimer: Since I must type for these dogs, I must say that Jojo (5 yr old Salt and Pepper Mini Schnauzer) and Taz (4 yr old Black and Silver Mini Schnauzer) had a different idea when Alpha Dog (Jeff) said, “I’m retiring!” They thought it was going to be all about them sitting on him in the recliner, napping and snacking. Instead their resumes are expanding as they see the world. I will try to help them keep all eight feet on the ground as they tell you their side of the OddEssay!

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